VizionX Fees

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Make Real Estate Transactions Effortless with VizionX Fees for Title Companies and Mortgage Lenders.

Get Accurate Fees
– Not Estimates

Eliminate the guesswork out of fee pricing with VizionX Fees!

VizionX Fees is a powerful application for lenders to quickly obtain accurate title, closing, recording, and other vendor fees for a transaction. With just a simple search within a specific geographic area, lenders can instantly see all the title companies and vendors with fees in that location.

Our app is a marketplace for title companies and vendors to compete for your business based on price and location. VizionX Fees provides an accurate fee quote in seconds, eliminating guesswork and reducing the risk of inaccurate estimates.


Why Should Title Companies and Other Vendors Choose The Fee Engine?

VizionX Fees is the easiest way for title companies and other vendors to get exposure to a network of lenders and their loan officers. Our platform enables title companies and other vendors to:
  • Self-Managed Fees and Underwriter Selections by County
  • Branded Fee Quotes
  • Ability to have Private Fees used for Lenders you do business with
  • Online Fee Calculator for integration into your website
With VizionX Fees, title companies and other vendors can streamline their fee management process, promote their brand, and increase their visibility among potential clients.



VizionX Fees: Where Accuracy Meets Efficiency in Every Transaction

VizionX Fees is the perfect solution for lenders and title companies looking to streamline their workflow and improve accuracy and get the most out of their day-to-day operations.

Save time, and serve clients better – start today!